The Eclectic Audio Lab

Welcome to my new music themed blog- The Eclectic Audio Lab!

As in my previous blog page, I often added my ruminations on whatever music I was listening to at the time of writing, but never fully explored or expounded upon my playlists. ‘The Garret’ blog had run its course and the time was right for something new, a music themed blog, giving my thoughts on my favourite music from across the generic spectrum. In retrospect it was Richie Brown’s ‘Personal Stereo’ features on his website that really helped to rekindle my love of music related writing. With ‘Personal Stereo’ I was given the opportunity to chart ten years of my life with the music that sound tracked it. I relished this and delved into my collection with gusto, rediscovering records I had forgotten about and in doing so recalled one of my previous existences as a jazz critic for the newsletter of Aberdeen Jazz Society back in the early 1990s. That was quite a challenge for me, but in those pre-Internet days, I did my homework and researched the music I was critiquing and I managed to get people interested in the music I was reviewing also, and in the process enjoy the works of Coltrane , Miles Davis or whoever it was in a given week.
I hope to bring my views on music of all kinds to you in the next while and who knows, I might even be able to expand a few minds and convert people to music they wouldn’t normally listen to