The Only Card I Need Is……

003Someone I was talking to recently said that the first music you really got into in your teens stays with you, I have no idea who said it , but they were absolutely right.
I was browsing through my voluminous vinyl collection the other day and I came upon some of my old singles from back in my early days of music fandom, some real curios.

Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’ was the first to go on the turntable, and yes it still plays pretty well after more than 30 years!. Floored by the thundering bass/drums intro , I am catapulted back to 1980 , back to a very different Aberdeen , and I suppose a very different me, on the cusp of adulthood , my last year at school.
‘The past is a different country’ as someone more famous than I once said.
I actually met the legend that is Lemmy Kilmister and ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke back in those days, on my seventeenth birthday; I was in town to see Motorhead on the ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ tour and had gone to the long closed Balmoral Bar on Aberdeen’s Union Street for a quick pint before the gig at now legendary Capitol Theatre. A gig by my then favourite band on my birthday, how good was that. Motorhead, who seemed to straddle the genres of metal and punk and who paved the way for what in a few years would become thrash metal, were at the top of their game, riding high in the charts on the back of the album ‘Ace of Spades’. Way back then rock stars mixed with the fans, different times, different financial climate and all that, so I met Lemmy and Eddie and got a few album covers signed by them, said a few words to them and they to me. They played Space Invaders on a table top machine, I noticed Lemmy’s lighter which had the Motorhead logo engraved on it. How cool was that?. They played a blinder of a gig ,some of which was recorded for the live album of that year ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’, and I recall my ears ringing for a while after the gig as me and my mate were up at the front of the stage. I swear that I am one of the folk in the crowd pictured in the inner cover of that album, I might be wrong. I proudly wore my tour badge in school the day after, and the T-shirt lasted many years until it faded to grey, like most things do. I still have the signed albums and singles, and they have stood the test of time as has the music they contain , in my opinion.
Its great to be able to define a moment in time by the music that was being played, and I think I can say that with a lot of the music in my collection. I can say what I was doing when whatever music was released for most of them, which can only be a good thing.

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